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We offer Excepitional Customer Experience with all our servies.

Securities Trading

The trading team offers an efficient platform for individual and institutional investors to conduct their trades in the following financial securities:

  • Listed equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Bonds/Treasury Bills
  • Derivative Instruments
  • Unlisted equities

Custodial Services

We offer broker controlled custodial services that allow our clients to trade electronically all listed equities and the service is underwritten by reputable commercial banks and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Advisory Services

The key aspects of advisory service include:

  • Sponsoring Broker services
  • Advising prospective and existing issuers on IPOs, rights issue, mergers & acquisitions, spin offs, curve outs, share consolidations and splits.
  • Balance sheet restructuring through bonus issue, scrip dividend and converting debt to equity.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Private Equity transactions
  • Development of Alternative Investment Products - Origination and structuring of transactions

Research Services

Jemina offers tailor-made research solutions and information management requirements for its clients. It has an effective investor data bank that offers cutting edge issuer statistics and information for effective investment decisions. The aim of our research unit is to become a one-stop information data bank for the investing public.

Some of the reports available from Jemina Research Team’s wide array of offerings include:

  • The Weekly Report: The report is produced weekly with information on financial markets performance, company news, forex markets, international equities markets, commodities markets, market outlook, stock picks and trading strategy.
  • Tailor-made Research Notes: This is an ad-hoc report on company results, policy statements, analyst briefings and Annual General Meetings. Company valuations and investment advice is also offered in the report. Such reports may be produced for specific client needs.
  • Alternative Investments Research: The research team also provides research papers on unlisted securities that is private equity funds, and commodities market derivatives provided by the Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange.
  • Company Specific Research: The research team also provides detailed company specific reports identifying arbitrage opportunities in the market, through taking advantage of information asymmetry to identify stocks that are mispriced (overvalued and undervalued stocks) so as to generate soft dollars.

Direct Market Access

Our clients have direct access to ZSE, FINSEC, VFEX and such other exchanges that might be introduced from time through ZSE Direct trading platforms.

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